Carpet Steam Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – In this Busy and competitive world, House cleaning is very popular among people of Melbourne. Due to long & busy schedule at work, businesses or quality time with family or educating kid, People now a day prefer professional carpet cleaning either once a year or every six month basis to keep healthy family and lifestyle.

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning process is ideal for removing dust, dirt, spots & stubborn stains, bacteria & allergens and pet odors.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We clean carpet with the most advanced machinery which uses powerful hot water extraction system reaching the roots of the carpets and eliminating dirt, stains and allergens. This cleaning method is known to be one of the best solutions to disinfects, cleans and deodorizes the carpet fibers. It helps to protect your carpets and extend their life too.

Furthermore, our powerful, truck-mounted vacuum system extracts more thoroughly than other standard methods, leaving your carpet almost dry to the touch.

We process more hot water through the carpet, making it perfect for cleaning heavily soiled or stained areas. This unique process not only produces superior cleaning results, but also introduce with very low drying time.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Dust Fighter Carpet Cleaning will ensure while cleaning is in progress, cleaners activities don’t disturb staff efficiency or daily activity. Cleaning can be carried out weekly, fortnightly or monthly on basis of your requirements.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne requirements are stricter than residential.

To match up these requirements we have a professional team of commercial cleaners who can handle toughest cleaning jobs.

To keep your office functional and minimize downtime we offer flexible availability and work at early mornings, late evenings or weekends. We are aimed to provide quick and in time highest quality cleaning services, whilst offering cheapest price and best possible work environment to your employee.

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